Dinner, Desert & Breakfast

Indulge yourself with an hot erotic encounter at your hotel room with Addison. We can choose to dine out, or at one of the restaurants in your hotel. In the evening we could share desert with a glass of wine and then have desert between the sheets. Maybe we could order room service and have a slow intimate dinner in your room, getting to know each other while we decide what desert will be. Then for breakfast, we can do it all over again.


*Excludes meal costs and outcall fee. All related costs (meals, refreshments,
 entertainment) are your responsibility

*Minimum 6 hours beauty sleep required.

*Or you could book me for the weekend - contact me for a price.

Dessert & Breakfast 10 hrs:......................... $1000*

Dinner, Dessert & Early Breakfast 12 hrs:... $1200*

Dinner, Dessert & Breakfast 14 hrs:............ $1400*

Just for Couples

This package is something more unique than the other bookings Addison offers. It is very much about you as a couple and opening up your relationship through communication and magical sexy sessions where Addison assists you both in reaching heightened sexual interaction that will bring you closer as a couple and open you both up to a more dynamic sexual lifestyle that will re-fire your passion for each other and gain a deeper understanding of your own sexual needs and your partners.


Are you asking for what you really want sexually? This can be difficult for a number of reasons, however creating a safe, erotic space that is tailor made with your senses and desires in mind, your partner and Addison will ignite your desires, allowing a more fuller sexual satisfaction.


Please book early as this booking takes time to be organised

1 hour:............... $300

2 hours:.............. $580

90 minutes:........ $440

Fantasies & Roleplay

fan·ta·sy   n. pl. fan·ta·sies

1. Something, such as an invention, that is a creation of the fancy.

2. An imagined event or sequence of mental images, such as a daydream, usually fulfilling a wish or psychological need.


Fantasies and roleplay can take us to the next level in our sex life. Whether you have a fantasy or a deep desire to simply try something new... this is for you. From voyeurism to kink, dressing up and dressing down, Addison's fantasy is to find your deep desires and help them become reality. This booking is especially for those creative individuals who have no problem telling Addison what you want. Need an idea or two: Fantasy roleplays - secretary, teacher, therapist, nurse, sister/brother who gets caught looking through my panty drawer...!

Please book early as this booking takes time to be organised

1 hour:.............. $320

90 minutes:...... $460

2 hours:............ $580

2 1/2 hours:....... $700

3 hours:............. $860

4 hours:............. $1000

Pleasure & Pain

Beyond tie 'n' tease, this package is for those who are looking for that kinky play space between pleasure and pain – soft bondage and power play. Your Mistress will deliver seductive sensations, erotic teasing and discipline that will both delight and cause pain but deliver you into ecstasy. Your Mistress may lick you, pull your hair, squeeze you or restrain you and sit on your face. Whatever it may be that drives your pleasure and pain, this package will take you there.

Booking offers: Voyeurism – watching you masturbate or vice versa, anal play – with gloved hand and/or strap on, watersports, face sitting, tie 'n' tease, feather tickling, spanking you, scat, cuffs, blindfolds, foot worship on Addison, ball gag, collar and lead, bondage cuffs arms & legs. As with most bdsm packages, sex is not included. However, if it is something you would like, then please ask.

Please book early as some time is needed to prepare for this booking.

1 hour:.............. $400

2 hours:............ $800

90 minute:....... $800

Sissy Boys

Do you feel the desire to express the femininity you feel inside, or do you just want to try on some panties and stockings and be treated like Mistress Addison's little whore? Mistress Addison will spank you, please you, punish you and make you her pet. Do you want to wear stockings, or lick mine? Or maybe you want to be feminised – a real sissy will bring her garments and makeup with her or do you need Mistress Addison to take you shopping?

Booking offer: Voyeurism – watching you masturbate under my control, anal play – with gloved hand and/or strap on, watersports, foot worship – devotional or dirty, flogging, cross dressing and sissy play, face sitting

Masturbation schedule | $70

Please book early as some time is needed to prepare for this booking.

1 hour:............... $320

90 minutes:....... $460

2 hours:............. $580

2 1/2 hours:........ $700

3 hours:.............. $860

4 hours:.............. $1000